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Julia Child Fried Chicken Recipe

Paula Patton, the actress known for roles in blockbusters such as "Hitch" and "Mission: Impossible," broke the internet this week after she shared a clip of herself making 138 fried chicken wings using her mom's "famous" recipe.

julia child fried chicken recipe

Commenters identified two key issues with Patton's recipe. First, she didn't wash her chicken long enough before cooking. (For what it's worth, washing chicken is a hotly contested topic; Julia Child famously recommends doing so, while the CDC does not.)

Now, there are objectively worse food videos floating around the internet. (Remember that lady whose "hack" for making spaghetti and meatballs for a crowd was mixing all the components by hand on a countertop?) So, why did this one garner such an intense reaction? As various commenters pointed out, how someone makes fried chicken is often a clue to their cultural or racial identity.

Looking for a no-fuss chicken recipe you can prep in advance and don't need to watch while it cooks? The answer is a tray bake. Load chicken breasts with the Italian flavours of taleggio soft cheese, pesto and basil, and surround with cherry tomatoes and small cubes of potato for a sophisticated but simple dinner.

The jury's out on the perfect fried chicken coating. Some cooks swear by breadcrumbs, a few include cornflour and others opt for plain flour liberally seasoned with herbs and spices. Whether or not you dunk the chicken in egg before you coat it is also controversial. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal taste.

Who says a great chicken dish has to contain chicken? Chicken substitutes such as seitan (made from wheat gluten), Quorn and tofu are great alternatives. In dishes like fried chicken and waffles, a chicken burger or nuggets you can barely notice the difference.

Nothing beats nice fried chicken legs unless they are these crispy baked ones! A simple seasoning gives them flavor and the secret ingredient makes sure the skin is crispy without adding a bunch of fat or carbs from breading and deep-frying. Plus, this method isn't as messy!

Nothing is more quintessentially Southern than chicken and dumplings. This recipe uses that handy Crock-Pot to make it easier to manage and still give you that rich gravy, soft dumpling, and tender chicken you crave.

Chicken thighs are so tender and juicy, and this simple recipe gives them that crispy coating you want in fried chicken without the calories It's delicious, easy to make, and perfect for a budget-friendly meal!

Don't worry about going to Outback Steakhouse anymore - you can make the delicious Alice Springs chicken at home! This simple recipe is flavorful, loaded with rich bacon and creamy cheese, and always tender chicken.

Another great copycat takeout recipe - this bourbon chicken is so easy to make and delicious. Tender bites of chicken and a tasty sauce are ideal to serve with rice and steamed vegetables for a simple meal ready in under hour!

I love, love, love good fried rice. Not the dried out stuff that you often get in Chinese restaurants that you have to douse in sweet and sour sauce to eat, but the fresh, sticky, homemade kind filled with fresh vegetables and sweet pork or moist chicken.

This recipe is so simple and easy. I made it with chicken but it would be excellent with BBQ pork as well. Making your own allows you to know exactly what is put into it- how much oil, no preservatives, etc.

This white wine and Dijon mustard sauce for chicken is tangy and a little bit sharp, yet mild enough to be pleasing. Up your weekday dinner game with this simple Chicken Dijon recipe or use up leftover mustard for a delicious oven-roasted pork tenderloin.

This comforting chicken soup tastes like it took hours to make but comes together in a flash. Simmering a handful of uncooked rice directly into soup is a great trick for giving a quick, broth-y number like this one lip-smacking body and richness; as the rice cooks, it releases starches that thicken the cooking liquid. And a finishing drizzle of spicy oil and crunchy fried garlic chips takes the whole thing to the next level. About that garlicky chile oil: Go ahead and double it, because you're going to want to put it on everything this week. You'll thank us later.

One of the great things about going the chicken tender road when you are making fried chicken is not only the delectable taste, but it also takes half the time because you are cooking with boneless chicken, which cooks up much faster.

Yep, this is one of those recipes where you can pretty much count on getting dinner ready in just about half an hour, and since your lucky diners are going to want their honey fried chicken tenders as soon as humanly possible, this works out for everyone!

Editor's Note: Hot summer days call for cool and refreshing salads for lunch and dinner, including this recipe for Chicken Salad. This salad is filling without leaving you feeling stuffed and also includes an assortment of herbs to achieve a taste that you're sure to love. Serve this chicken salad with some of your favorite side dishes, including sliced fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh croissants. For dessert, why not make Julia Child's own recipe for Genoise Cake? You'll find that this recipe is ideal for a light lunch with friends or as a way to shake up your lunchtime routine at work. 350c69d7ab


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