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Verizon Buy One Get One

i've placed a buy one iphone 12 pro max and get another one for free order at on Nov 17th, i didn't know why my bogo order was separated into two different orders number then . One iphone was delivered on Nov 30th, but anohter phone still on pending, i chatted with verizon's agent and they told me that the device still in backorder, once they receive it they will ship it right away. i decided to wait couple more days. i called them again on Dec 11th asked how the order's status, they still told me to the wait the order still in processing, i told them i've just checked with the apple store and verizon stores in my area today, they all have the same iphone in stock, why verizon's warehouse still didn't receive it for so long? they checked and said because i was not able to accept the terms and conditions within 7 days ,my order was considered cancelled, that's why i still did't receive my iphone for so long. WHAT???? i am sure about that i did accepte the T&C when i placed the bogo order, if i didn't accepte the T&C why verizon sent me one iphone before? I told them it was a buy one get one free deal, please help me fix the problem and send me a free one. they checked and said your account wasn't tied up with bogo promo, the bogo order should be placed in one same order not in two different orders. I told them that i placed the two iphone bogo order in one same order, i don't know why verizon splited it in two. the agent said that on their system they saw two differrent orders processed not one, they will submit a ticket to check what's wrong will takes about 24 hours. No body from verizon even contacted me after 72 hours. I keep contacting verizon for more than twenty times, but no agents could fix this issue, they just pretend that they trying very hard to resolve the problem for me ( i will submit a ticket to escalate team , i will keep my eye on it for you, i am partnering with my lead to fix you problem etc ) but they didn't do anything after the conversation ended. Verizon scam me to buy a new iphone and refuse to offer the free iphone i suppose to get , can not belive a big company like verizon will cheat their customers like this. i will file consumer complaints on BBB and other consumer website if verizon not fixing this issue.

verizon buy one get one



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