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EasyVCW v1 51: A Portable and Flexible Tool for Creating VCCs Based on BINs

game over, so-called easyvcw creators, no need to download the crack for your game. .q: how to convert string into float in swift i tried below code to convert string into float let myfloat: float = float(mystring) but this code not working as it is giving me error saying string to float conversion must be exact. i know i can use nsnumberformatter to convert string into number. but i need to do it in swift only. a: i don't think there is a way to directly do this, but there is a workaround. you can create an extension to convert string into float. extension string init(floatliteral value: float) self = value.stringvalue let myfloat = float("0.4123") let myfloat2 = myfloat.stringvalue // "0.4123" let myfloat3 = "0.4123".floatliteralvalue // 0.4123 let myfloat4 = "0.4123" // 0.4123 let myfloat5 = "0.4123 extension string func floatvalue() -> float return float(self) let myfloat6 = "0.floatvalue() // 0.4123 if you want to convert a string to float, you can use floatliteralvalue to get the float value of the string. following the success of its previous opal-a-day promotion, which had its time in the sun this month, polaroid uk is set to launch a new opal-a-day competition on november 13. advertisement the company is looking for people to take part in a competition that is inspired by the promotional campaigns of the 1990s and involves taking a photo of themselves using a polaroid camera. those taking part have until 9am gmt on november 21 to submit their opal-a-day pictures to polaroid uk, with the best one to be picked by polaroid's staff to be crowned the winner. last year's opal-a-day attracted huge numbers of entries and polaroid uk is hopeful that the 2014 edition will be just as successful. "the fun of a polaroid photo is that you can't get the same picture twice," said polaroid uk's head of marketing nick bloom. "we think the nostalgic appeal of a polaroid photo is very appealing and we'd like to see some people really get creative." the winner will receive a voucher for 100 worth of polaroid products and will have his or her picture in the polaroid archives. the competition is open to uk residents aged between 13 and 99 years old and can be taken on november 13 only.

EasyVCW v1 51


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