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Sims 4 Priest Mod: A Guide to Creating and Roleplaying Your Own Clergy

Sims 4 Priest Mod: How to Play as a Clergy in the Medieval Themed Career

If you are looking for a new and unique way to play The Sims 4, you might want to try the Sims 4 Priest Mod by sokkarang. This mod adds a medieval themed career that allows you to become a priest or a monk and perform various religious duties and rituals. In this article, we will show you how to install and use this mod, as well as the features and benefits of playing as a clergy in The Sims 4.

Sims 4 Priest Mod


How to Install the Sims 4 Priest Mod

The Sims 4 Priest Mod is available for download at Mod The Sims. To install it, you will need to have The Sims 4 base game and the latest patch installed. You will also need to enable script mods in your game options. To do that, go to Game Options > Other > Script Mods Allowed and check the box. Then, follow these steps:

  • Download the mod file from Mod The Sims and unzip it.

  • Copy the .package file and the .ts4script file to your Mods folder. The default location is Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.

  • Launch The Sims 4 and start a new game or load an existing one.

  • Choose a sim or create a new one and select the Priest Career from the career panel.

How to Play as a Priest or a Monk in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Priest Mod adds a new career with two branches: Clergy and Monk. Both branches have different levels, objectives, and rewards. Here is a brief overview of each branch:


The Clergy branch is for sims who want to be formal leaders of the religious institution. They preside over specific rituals and teach religious doctrines and practices. They also have to read and write a lot. The Clergy branch has six levels:

  • Faith Scholar: You are a student of religion and one dedicated to philosophy. Long days are spent at the church reading core texts and praying.

  • Doorkeeper: As an assistant to the clergy, you usher parishioners as they enter and exit the church. It is your job to maintain a positive attitude to welcome all who wish to attend service.

  • Acolyte: You are an altar server, one who assists by carrying a processional cross, lighting candles, and holding the holy book and torches during worship.

  • Lector: You read sacred texts, apart from the holy book, during worship. You are up to date on all readings and sermons planned by your priest, and you know when to offer assistance during services of all kinds.

  • Deacon: You are a minister of your religion, a servant to your divinity, and fulfill pastoral and administrative duties correlating to the church. You may also preach the homily, perform baptisms, lead funeral rites, and preside over weddings.

  • Priest: You are the highest rank of the clergy, one who has devoted their life to serving their divinity and their community. You have full authority over all religious matters and ceremonies.


The Monk branch is for sims who want to live a simple and celibate life dedicated to their divinity. They spend most of their time praying, meditating, gardening, and writing. They also have to follow strict rules and vows. The Monk branch has five levels:

  • Monk: You are a novice monk who has just joined the monastery. You have to follow the daily routine of prayer, work, study, and silence.

  • Gardener Monk: You are assigned to tend the monastery garden, where you grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. You also help with cooking and cleaning.

  • Monk Writer: You are entrusted with copying and preserving sacred texts by hand. You also write your own reflections and insights on religion and philosophy.

  • Abbot: You are the leader of the monastery, responsible for overseeing all aspects of monastic life. You also act as a spiritual guide and mentor for your fellow monks.

  • Priest Branch: You decide to leave the monastery and join the clergy as a priest. You can still maintain your monastic vows and lifestyle while serving your divinity and your parishioners.

What are the Features and Benefits of the Sims 4 Priest Mod

The Sims 4 Priest Mod adds a lot of new gameplay possibilities and challenges for your sims who want to pursue a religious career. Here are some of the features and benefits of this mod:

  • You can choose between two different branches of the Priest Career: Clergy and Monk. Each branch has its own levels, objectives, rewards, and challenges.

  • You can perform various religious duties and rituals, such as reading sacred texts, praying, meditating, lighting candles, swinging a censer, holding a holy book, preaching, baptizing, marrying, and burying.

  • You can interact with other sims who share your faith or try to convert those who don't. You can also be friendly, helpful, or persuasive to your parishioners and fellow monks.

  • You can enjoy a medieval themed career that is compatible with other historical or fantasy mods. You can also customize your sim's appearance and clothing to match your religious role.

  • You can experience a different way of playing The Sims 4 that is more focused on spirituality, morality, and community. You can also challenge yourself to follow the rules and vows of your chosen branch.

How to Uninstall the Sims 4 Priest Mod

If you want to uninstall the Sims 4 Priest Mod, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Quit The Sims 4 and close the game launcher.

  • Go to your Mods folder and delete the .package file and the .ts4script file of the mod.

  • Launch The Sims 4 and start a new game or load an existing one.

  • Check your career panel and make sure that the Priest Career is no longer available.



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