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7 Sins Game Modsl

Simulation games fall under the perfect umbrella for the modding community. The open-ended nature of the format allows players to imagine new ways to expand what is already provided to them. One of the best games to dabble with mods in is Satisfactory, the open-world factory-building game by Coffee Stain Studios.

7 Sins Game Modsl

There are quite a few types of mods that players could look to adding, such as enhancing the look of the factories built or changing the way the game is played. Other mods simply add objects that can make creating factories more interesting and rewarding. No matter what players are looking for in Satisfactory, there's a mod for that.

Updated on September 9th, 2021 by Chris Birsner: Satisfactory remains one of the more interesting sandbox games to play around with. There is so much to explore in the game and lots of different kinds of machines that can be built to form the perfect factory.

Because of how popular the game is, the modding community continues to put out lots of content for players to try out. From quality-of-life improvements to essential additions, these add-ons continue to grow and it is important to be reminded of what are the best Satisfactory mods of 2021 and if there have been anything players have missed.

Working on building a factory can be a ton of work and it may get even more frustrating for some if they are trying to work while it is nighttime in the game. Luckily, there is a simple modification out there that allows players to make their world be in permanent daylight.

The factories themselves can be beautiful by themselves, and sometimes they just aren't. To help with this, mods like the "Decoration" mod come in handy. Decoration does something unique as it doesn't actually add anything new to the game. Instead, it pulls different natural flora players can find in the game and allows the player to place them around the factory.

Despite the focus on building factories in the game, there is a combat system implemented into Satisfactory that can reap some nice rewards supply-wise. With the various monsters lurking around the player, it's easy for some to feel like they can't just focus on the fun of the sandbox gameplay.

The "Passive Mode" mod completely gets rid of all of the monsters in the game as well as removes the toxic gas that exists near some of the plants and rocks. This is the perfect mod for those that just want some peace while creating factories.

When handling a ton of different items in the game, it's nice to have places where they can be stored. It can be even more helpful if these storage containers were able to quickly cause a transaction between them and the player.

With the Item Dispenser and Item Hopper mods, two new devices are added to the game that will help players manage this. The hopper will immediately take items out of the player's inventory and place them immediately onto a conveyor belt. Contrastly, the dispenser will take items that are placed in and automatically give them to the player.

Some mods are known for making games much more flexible and even more accessible to people and the "Pak Utility Mod" is no exception to this. The add-on gives players a ton of commands that can help the player see their factory from different perspectives but also allows them to experience the game in different ways.

Once activated in the game's UI setting, players can press M to toggle it on and off. From there, players can drag the minimap anywhere they want it on the screen. Players can also use it to zoom in on specific areas of the map.

At the end of the day, players just want their factories to run at peak performances and be as productive as possible. The only issue is that the base game of Satisfactory doesn't give players a direct way to know whether or not their operation is doing well or not outside of giving it an eye test.

There is a science to conveyor belts in real-life factories, so there should be a bit more flexibility in how the production flows throughout the player's system. Players who looking for a bit more flexibility with the belts in the game should install "Logistics 2.0."

Building things can be a lot of fun in Satisfactory, but it can be challenging to place certain items down considering that most of the items in the game have one default size. That's why one of the best mods to try out is the Micro-Manage mod.

Factories can always be more productive than they are and what can help is adding more buildings that can increase the efficiency of the overall output. That's where the "MK++" mod comes in. The main focus of the add-on is to add additional tiers to systems that are already in the game.

Growing these ingredients can help put together recipes that are also available for players to use. In addition to all the crops, various tools and buildings were added to the game including a greenhouse, a cooker, and a composter. With this, the game becomes just like other real-life sims.

Another mod that hasn't been updated in a few months as of the time of writing, the "Refined Power" mod is among the most used mods in the Satisfactory community. From the creators of the Ficsit Farming Mod, this add-on offers 26 custom buildings that can add different kinds of power sources to the game.

Chris Birsner is a writer and journalist who most recently worked as an editor at Anton Media Group on Long Island. He is a 2018 graduate of Hofstra University. He enjoys playing Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PC games, along with going back and playing classic PlayStation 2 and Wii games.

Content mods aren't common for Original Sin 2, but the number of mods that range from overhauls to small quality of life gives just enough incentive to try another playthrough. This game has few issues to begin with, but well-made mods put Original Sin 2 on another level of quality entirely. Here are ten Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods that make the game even better. This list is in no particular order.

One of the worst parts of using mods in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is that achievements are disabled if the game detects altered files. It's a shame... so it's great that a mod exists to counter this problem.

With the simply-titled Achievements mod, these trophies are restored for games with mods. It's a great way to make the game flow more natural, since players aren't missing out on these achievements just because they wanted to use a few quality-of-life mods.

That's why mods exist to tweak the smallest visual components in most games. Original Sin 2 is no exception to this rule, with players being able to use the HQ World and Icons mod to improve the quality of the various visual artifacts present in the game.

Pet Pal is one of the most important traits anyone can have in Divinity: Original Sin 2. After all, each and every animal in the game has unique dialogue that players can miss out on if they don't have the Pet Pal trait.

With this mod, Pet Pal becomes a default trait for most characters so that they can access all this content from the get-go without having to invest valuable points. Given how tough the gameplay of Original Sin 2 can get at times, each trait point becomes infinitely valuable.

The party size limit of 4 is pretty decent in its own right, but this might be slightly limiting for certain players. After all, having to choose from just one of the many companions in the game can be a really challenging choice indeed.

Thankfully, the Party Size Evolved mod takes care of this issue. Now, players can have up to ten party members, which might be overkill... but most players would be fine with it given how entertaining the game becomes!

Farming new gear for builds can be fun in loot-heavy games such as Borderlands, but feel ill-placed in more story-centric RPGs like Divinity. Gear in Divinity: Original Sin 2 does not scale with the player's level.

Automatic Item Leveling does exactly as one would expect. Every time the player levels up, the game will update that character's gear to match their new level. Miscellaneous stats are also upgraded. This allows players to spend less time earning levels before farming certain items and more time playing the game at their own pace. While this falls closer to a cheat mod than anything else, it does let players focus more on the game's story instead of its itemization system.

One thing Divinity: Original Sin 2 nails is its armor design. Even the lower level gear looks distinct and worth wearing for visuals alone. The problem is Larian didn't include a proper transmogrification system with the game.

Luckily, modders have added a pseudo-transmog system into the game. Vanity allows players to store the appearance of the armor in a ring and apply it to any armor set the player wants. It can feel a little unintuitive initially, but this mod is the best option for adding proper transmog into Original Sin 2.

Dozens of new hairstyles, more exotic appearances for Elves, and even a flaming skull as a skeleton are a few examples of what this mod provides. No race or gender is left out either, and the quality of the new assets matches and even exceeds what Larian offers in the base game. Majora's Character Creation Plus is worth a look.

Improved Camera aims to fix this by allowing full control over the camera. It is now possible to tilt the camera to any angle the player wishes, letting players get extremely close to a character or look across the grand environments that are otherwise hard to appreciate. Just note that the game clearly wasn't intended for a camera this flexible, as some characters and environments will look strange when viewed from certain angles.

Crafting is an underutilized mechanic in Original Sin 2 that most players don't even know exist. Creating and modifying gear is satisfying in nearly any RPG, but Divinity's crafting system lacked the depth the rest of the game offers.

That is where Crafting Overhaul comes in. This mod adds over 1,800 recipes to the game, ranging from creating new armor types to armor dyes. Not only does this mod give players a larger incentive to craft, but the things this mod lets players create make crafting relevant for any character in any playthrough. 350c69d7ab


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