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The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Ps2 Iso

A new character known as "Nameless" wasalso introduced in KOF2002: UM, taking the place of K9999 (who was really a rip-off of Tetsuo Shima fromAkira - and SNK didn't want to get sued). For the record, Namelessfights very similarly to K9999 even though he has completely different animations.Most returning character updates are subtle, but hardcore players will notice some brand new hard-hitting Desperation Moves (which look better than ever thanks to the new cut-in artwork). The new backgrounds of KOF2002: UM are some of the best in recent times and feature a ton of classic character cameos.

the king of fighters 2002 unlimited match ps2 iso

Final Words:KOF 2002: Unlimited Match offers a ton of replayability and fan service for old school fans and veteran hardcore players alike, boasting a huge roster and new ways to play classic characters of the long-running series. In essence, KOF2002UM is still pretty much "the same 2D KOF" that fans have been playing for decades. For hardcoreplayers,it's a timeless game with tonsof team possibilities, fun combos, and new tech to try out. On the other hand, KOF2002:UM definitely lacks the graphical prowess and "flash" of more modern 2D fighters. Despite looking "aged" as a 2009 / 2010 fighting game, KOF 2002: Unlimited Match givestraditional 2D fighting fans a throwback to an older time... a simpler time... and is no doubt one of the definitive 2D experiences / remakes of the "classic KOF formula" if there ever was one.Personally, I didn't enjoy playing KOF2002:UM for any long period of time. (I miss my Garou: MOTW team from KOF2003, for one.) However, I do absolutely love the amazing characterartwork in this game drawn by the legendary Hiroaki Hashimoto, along with the awesome roster and cool stages filled with cameos.TFG Webmaster @Fighters_Gen 350c69d7ab


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