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Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA: A Review of the Thai Horror Game

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA: A Review of the Thai Horror Game

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA is the second and final part of the sequel to the cult-hit first-person horror game, Home Sweet Home, inspired by Thai folklore and mythology. The game was released on October 31st, 2019 as a free update for those who purchased the first part of the game on September 25th, 2019[^1^].

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA

The game follows Tim, a man who has been searching for his missing wife for a long time. He wakes up in a mysterious forest, where he encounters villagers possessed by evil spirits and a mysterious invisible Thai dancer. He must survive the horrors and solve puzzles to find clues about his wife's fate.

The game features:

  • Thai Inspired Horror â Explore a sinister world with environments based onThai culture and a storyline inspired by Thai myths and folklore.

  • First Time Ever Combat â Tim can finally bring the fight back to the evil spirits pursuing him with an arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

  • Multiple Enemy Encounters â evade or fight off multiple enemies simultaneously, making every encounter a unique blend of stealth and combat.

  • Mind Bending Puzzles â utilize investigation skills to solve intuitive puzzles and unlock more pieces behind the puzzle of Timâs missing wife.

The game has received mostly positive reviews from players and critics, who praised its atmosphere, graphics, sound design, and story. Some of the drawbacks mentioned were the short length, the lack of replay value, and some technical issues[^2^] [^3^] [^4^].

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA is a game that will appeal to fans of horror games, especially those who are interested in Thai culture and mythology. The game is available on Steam for $18.99.

The gameplay of Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Part 2-PLAZA is similar to the first part, but with some new additions and improvements. The game is divided into chapters, each with its own setting and objectives. The player controls Tim from a first-person perspective, as he explores the environments, interacts with objects, and collects items. The game also features a flashlight mechanic, which can be used to illuminate dark areas and reveal hidden clues.

The game introduces combat for the first time in the series, allowing Tim to use weapons such as knives, axes, and guns to fight off the enemies. The combat is not mandatory, as the player can also choose to hide or run away from the enemies. However, some enemies are immune to certain weapons, and some weapons have limited ammo or durability. The game also features multiple enemy encounters, where Tim has to deal with more than one enemy at a time. The enemies have different behaviors and abilities, such as crawling, teleporting, or summoning other enemies.

The game also features puzzles that require the player to use logic and observation skills to solve them. The puzzles are related to the story and the Thai culture, such as matching symbols, deciphering codes, or playing musical instruments. The puzzles are not too difficult, but they add variety and challenge to the gameplay. e0e6b7cb5c


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