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ATB - I Dont Wanna Stop (Original Edit)

Thanks for your comments on the schools discussion page re my edits at Noadswood School. I'd be grateful if you could now remove the paragraph at the top of the Noadswood School page which states that a major contributor has a conflict of interest; the points on the page are complete fact and my motivation behind developing the page was merely to contribute to the WikiSchools project rather than advertise or promote the school - we are not a business and we very much work in partnership with our local schools. I would also reiterate my point on the WikiSchools page that it is going to be hard for pages to develop without the contributions of staff and it's a shame that by trying to be open and honest about who was editing the page these issues have occurred. Moral of the story - stop being honest and choose a more ambiguous username in the future perhaps!!In light of the difficulties it is likely to present if I continue to try to develop the page I'll also stop wasting my time in this regard - please understand that I'm not meaning to sound churlish but I really do have plenty of better things to do!!Best regards, Tim Ennion.Timennion (talk) 22:50, 19 December 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ATB - I Dont Wanna Stop (Original Edit)



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