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DBS Walk and Follow: A Tool for Expanding Camera Mechanism in Flight Simulator X

DBS Walk and Follow: A Tool for Expanding Camera Mechanism in Flight Simulator X

DBS Walk and Follow is a software tool that allows users to explore the Flight Simulator X world without any limitations. It also enables users to create and save custom viewpoints, and to use integrated simulator cameras from aircraft.cfg. DBS Walk and Follow has two main modes: Follow mode and Walk mode.

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Follow mode lets users attach the camera to the user aircraft, either in virtual cockpit or in external view. Users can move the camera in three dimensions using the cursor keys and the mouse. They can also zoom in and out, and control the surface level to avoid falling through the ground.

Walk mode lets users freely move the camera around the Flight Simulator X world, without any restrictions on distance or altitude. Users can also adjust the camera speed, and create unlimited custom viewpoints (POI) that can be stored in external files and shared with other users. Users can switch between Follow mode and Walk mode by pressing F9 key.

DBS Walk and Follow is intended for users who are interested in exploring the Flight Simulator X scenery, taking screenshots, and exchanging viewpoints with other users. It is also useful for users who want to use simulator cameras without limitations of distance or angles, and to save changes of view points into cameras definitions.

DBS Walk and Follow is compatible with FSX only, and can be downloaded from various online stores[^4^] [^5^]. It requires a valid activation code to work properly. Some users have reported issues with activating the tool or getting it to appear in the FSX menu[^1^] [^7^]. DBS Studio provides support via email and forums.DBS Walk and Follow is a versatile and powerful tool that can enhance the Flight Simulator X experience. However, it also has some limitations and drawbacks that users should be aware of. Here are some of them:

  • DBS Walk and Follow does not support FSX Steam Edition or any other flight simulator software. Users who want to use it with other simulators will need to find alternative tools or wait for updates from DBS Studio.

  • DBS Walk and Follow may conflict with other add-ons or software that modify the camera mechanism or the dll.xml file in FSX. Users should backup their files before installing DBS Walk and Follow, and check for compatibility issues before using it.

  • DBS Walk and Follow may cause performance issues or crashes in FSX, especially if used with high-resolution scenery or complex aircraft. Users should adjust their settings and monitor their system resources while using DBS Walk and Follow.

  • DBS Walk and Follow may not work well with some aircraft models or views, such as helicopters, gliders, or wing views. Users may need to adjust the camera position or angle manually to get the best view.

Despite these limitations, DBS Walk and Follow is still a valuable tool for Flight Simulator X enthusiasts who want to explore the virtual world in a new way. It offers a lot of flexibility and creativity for users who want to create their own viewpoints, take screenshots, or use simulator cameras without restrictions. DBS Walk and Follow is a tool that can make Flight Simulator X more fun and immersive. e0e6b7cb5c


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