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Download Bestofr Zip

Soundburst has been a music provider for Jazzercise since 2001. Our site is tailored just for Jazzercise instructors. We have the complete music sets back to R2-01 available on our site under the tab Full Sets/Collections. You can also download any individual songs from those sets by navigating the top slider bar to the products you want or use the search box and type in a title or artist name.

Download bestofr zip

Download Zip:

You must use a computer to download from our site. iTunes will not allow you to place music into your iTunes library from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone when purchasing from another music provider. Once you download and put the file into your iTunes library on your computer, you can connect your device and SYNC it.

Downloads are hosted on SourceForge. If you have one of the supported systems, you can directly download the appropriate binary distribution. If you have another system, download the source and read the INSTALL file for directions on how to build & run Exult. 041b061a72


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